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Concepción Disputes

International Commercial Arbitration

Investor-State Treaty Disputes

Cross Border Litigation


Carlos F. Concepción

Inspired by colleagues and friends, many of whom are among the world’s leading international arbitration practitioners, I have established “Concepción Disputes” with the objective of serving as an independent arbitrator, and an advocate and counselor for select clients. As an arbitrator, I will continue to focus on institutional proceedings involving international and domestic commercial disputes, and investment-treaty matters administered by ICSID.  As an advocate, I will continue to represent select clients on certain international business disputes, and parties in investor-state international treaty cases.  In my advocate role, I will often collaborate with other professionals and attorneys with whom I have previously worked for many years.  

I bring with me 35 years of experience in international disputes, especially in the intersection between common and civil law jurisdictions. Part of this experience includes serving in leadership roles in some of the largest firms in the world and establishing and managing a boutique international disputes law firm in Miami, Florida. Although I will not say that “I’ve seen it all,” I can certainly say that I’ve seen “most of it.” Experience matters.

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